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  • bitty box
    /bit'ee boks/ n. 1. A computer sufficiently small, primitive, or incapable as to cause a hacker acute claustrophobia at the thought of developing software... VIEW ENTIRE DEFINITION

  •  Miscellaneous Hacker Terms 
  • UN*X
    n. Used to refer to the UNIX operating system (a trademark of AT&T) in writing, but avoiding the need for the ugly {(TM)} typography.FULL DEFINITION

  • drugged
    adj. (also `on drugs') 1. Conspicuously stupid, heading toward {brain-damaged}. Often accompanied by a pantomime of toking a joint (but see {appendix B})....FULL DEFINITION

  • SysVile
    /sis-vil'/ n. See {Missed'em-five}. = T = =====

  • demo mode
    [Sun] n. 1. The state of being {heads down} in order to finish code in time for a {demo}, usually due yesterday. 2. A...FULL DEFINITION

  • pretzel key
    [Mac users] n. See {feature key}.

  • Flyspeck 3
    n. Standard name for any font that is so tiny as to be unreadable (by analogy with such names as `Helvetica 10' for 10-point...FULL DEFINITION

  • hack mode
    n. 1. What one is in when hacking, of course. 2. More specifically, a Zen-like state of total focus on The Problem that ...FULL DEFINITION

  • times-or-divided-by
    [by analogy with `plus-or-minus'] quant. Term occasionally used when describing the uncertainty associated with a scheduling estimate, for either humorous or brutally honest ...FULL DEFINITION