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  • gorilla arm
    n. The side-effect that destroyed touch-screens as a mainstream input technology despite a promising start in the early 1980s. It seems the designers... VIEW ENTIRE DEFINITION

  •  Miscellaneous Hacker Terms 
  • net.god
    /net god/ n. Used to refer to anyone who satisfies some combination of the following conditions has been visible on USENET for more than...FULL DEFINITION

  • spike
    v. To defeat a selection mechanism by introducing a (sometimes temporary) device which forces a specific result. The word is used in several...FULL DEFINITION

  • store
    [prob. from techspeak `main store'] n. Preferred Commonwealth synonym for {core}. Thus, `bringing a program into store' means not that one is returning...FULL DEFINITION

  • religious issues
    n. Questions which seemingly cannot be raised without touching off {holy wars}, such as "What is the best operating system (or editor, language, architecture,...FULL DEFINITION

  • GNU
    /gnoo/, *not* /noo/ 1. [acronym `GNU's Not UNIX!', see {{recursive acronym}}] A UNIX-workalike development effort of the Free Software Foundation headed by Richard StallmanFULL DEFINITION

  • newsgroup
    [USENET] n. One of {USENET}'s huge collection of topic groups or {fora}. Usenet groups can be `unmoderated' (anyone can post) or `moderated' (submissions...FULL DEFINITION

  • puff
    vt. To decompress data that has been crunched by Huffman coding. At least one widely distributed Huffman decoder program was actually *named* `PUFF',...FULL DEFINITION

  • black art
    n. A collection of arcane, unpublished, and (by implication) mostly ad-hoc techniques developed for a particular application or systems area (compare {black magic}). ...FULL DEFINITION