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  • missile address
    n. See {ICBM address}.

  •  Miscellaneous Hacker Terms 
  • fix
    n.,v. What one does when a problem has been reported too many times to be ignored.

    n. A semi-mythical language construct dual to the `go to'; `COME FROM'

  • barfulous
    /bar'fyoo-l*s/ adj. (alt. `barfucious', /bar-fyoo-sh*s/) Said of something that would make anyone barf, if only for esthetic reasons.

  • cokebottle
    /kohk'bot-l/ n. Any very unusual character, particularly one you can't type because it it isn't on your keyboard. MIT people used to complain...FULL DEFINITION

  • dusty deck
    n. Old software (especially applications) which one is obliged to remain compatible with (or to maintain). The term implies that the software in...FULL DEFINITION

  • open
    n. Abbreviation for `open (or left) parenthesis' --- used when necessary to eliminate oral ambiguity. To read aloud the LISP form (DEFUN FOO...FULL DEFINITION

  • White Book
    n. 1. Syn. {K&R}. 2. Adobe's fourth book in the PostScript series, describing the previously-secret format of Type 1 fonts; `Adobe Type 1...FULL DEFINITION

  • bit bang
    n. Transmission of data on a serial line, when accomplished by rapidly tweaking a single output bit at the appropriate times. The technique...FULL DEFINITION