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  • Eric Conspiracy
    n. A shadowy group of mustachioed hackers named Eric first pinpointed as a sinister conspiracy by an infamous talk.bizarre posting ca. 1986; this was... VIEW ENTIRE DEFINITION

  •  Miscellaneous Hacker Terms 
  • hack mode
    n. 1. What one is in when hacking, of course. 2. More specifically, a Zen-like state of total focus on The Problem that ...FULL DEFINITION

  • Blue Book
    n. 1. Informal name for one of the three standard references on the page-layout and graphics-control language {PostScript} (`PostScript Language Tutorial and Cookbook', ...FULL DEFINITION

  • klone
    /klohn/ n. See {clone}, sense 4.

  • whizzy
    [Sun] adj. (alt. `wizzy') Describes a {cuspy} program; one that is feature-rich and well presented.

  • padded cell
    n. Where you put {luser}s so they can't hurt anything. A program that limits a luser to a carefully restricted subset of the...FULL DEFINITION

  • sun-stools
    n. Unflattering hackerism for SunTools, a pre-X windowing environment notorious in its day for size, slowness, and misfeatures. {X}, however, is larger and...FULL DEFINITION

  • hyperspace
    /hi'per-spays/ n. A memory location that is *far* away from where the program counter should be pointing, often inaccessible because it is not even...FULL DEFINITION

  • terminal junkie
    [UK] n. A {wannabee} or early {larval stage} hacker who spends most of his or her time wandering the directory tree and writing {noddy}...FULL DEFINITION