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  • macrotape
    /ma'kroh-tayp/ n. An industry-standard reel of tape, as opposed to a {microtape}.

  •  Miscellaneous Hacker Terms 
    /U-S-G yoo'niks/ n. Refers to AT&T UNIX commercial versions after {Version 7}, especially System III and System V releases 1, 2, and 3. ...FULL DEFINITION

  • HHOS
    See {ha ha only serious}.

    /in't*r-kal/ [said by the authors to stand for `Compiler Language With No Pronounceable Acronym'] n. A computer language designed by Don Woods and James...FULL DEFINITION

  • braino
    /bray'no/ n. Syn. for {thinko}. See also {brain fart}.

  • Aluminum Book
    [MIT] n. `Common LISP The Language', by Guy L. Steele Jr. (Digital Press, first edition 1984, second edition 1990). Note that due...FULL DEFINITION

  • flush
    v. 1. To delete something, usually superfluous, or to abort an operation. "All that nonsense has been flushed." 2. [UNIX/C] To force...FULL DEFINITION

  • nick
    [IRC] n. Short for nickname. On {IRC}, every user must pick a nick, which is sometimes the same as the user's real name or ...FULL DEFINITION

  • deadly embrace
    n. Same as {deadlock}, though usually used only when exactly 2 processes are involved. This is the more popular term in Europe, while...FULL DEFINITION